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One of the hardest things about making an independant game is how to get it out there to the world so people can play it. Ultimately these days with social media as dominant as it is today this is the best way to get it out into the world.

Some developers buy fake likes etc to boost their appearence however I have avoided this by letting it just grow organically but its going slow so I need your help. If you LIKE this game, you enjoy it or are hyped about the future developement then introduce your friends to it, like the page spread the word!

However its not just limited to facebook either, it needs to be across the spectrum so Google+, twitter as well!

If you see the game listed then review it, say whatever you see fit its your review but give one it will give us coverage no matter what you say!
Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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