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It has taken a very very long time, but I'm finally near at that point where I can release when 1.3 is coming out! Many blood sweat and tears but its finally coming.

Due to the hero's that are the BETA testers we're basically there, just some issues for me to tidy up in the final build and its off and away.

To get the release date go to the forums on 20th February at 20:00 UTC and a post will be automatically unlocked. You will find it on the forums, make sure you're a member as you will need to be one to see it.

Also after the post goes live I will be on the discord channel to answer any questions that you may have for a little while, feel free to come talk.

Forum: http://www.theroad2success.co.uk/Forum/

Discord: https://discord.gg/QsRacKp8St

Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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