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Stats get an overhaul in version 1.2, this part was implemented so early I had forgot about it but artist and band stat changes have been made to improve the game. Artists now get the follow stats:

Live - How they perform live

Recording - How good they are in the studio

Ability - A more general stat

Dancing - Related to performance if certain genres

Learning - Important when trying to develope more skills

Responsibility - How responsible they act

Rebelliousness - Can influence reaction to other artists

Professionalism - Important for business decisions etc

Patience - If delays how will they react.

Creativity - A creative person can come up with some top work

Fashion - Replacing looks this is how they appear and can influence endorsement deals for example.

Greed - How much money are they going to want.

Tour Practice - As before vital for when going on tour.

Charisma - How good is their personality, important for promotion for example.

Adaptability - Can they change genres are they multi-skilled?

Visual - General looks, do they look good. Certain genres this is far more important than others.

Confidence - Very important, low confidence could make them not want to work.

Energy - self-explanatory

Production - General value for producing

Melody Production - How good are they are producing a good melody

Commercial Production - Can they come up with a track that hits the right notes in popularity.

Writing - self-explanatory, specific for lyric rating

All these stats can go up and down, the game is always looking at his and all are influenced in multiple ways but im not going to tell you how as it would completely ruin the game.

Artist stats in version 1.2

The game has up and down arrows, these are checks made from the previous month and the value it was, its only from a month before no further back.

Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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