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The road 2 success Patch news
The first bug fix patch for 1.1 has now been released and includes the following fixes/updates. Please let me know on the forums if you find any problems.


  • Small database intermittently doesnt work
  • Awards not calculating correctly so you wont often get nominated even if top selling release.
  • Few typo’s fixed
  • Unable to add more than 15 tracks to album when producing. Max is 16 but will only allow max of 15
  • Unable to alter pay bands in editor – This is tricky part of the game will be added at later date.
  • Possible tour calculations wrong when tour hits profit
  • Game was not calculating the merchandise income for artists
  • When ordering more stock and saving, being lost when game reloaded
  • Wrong Certification on emails for Gold Status
  • Bug where Bands will not be able to use some written songs in another album
  • Fixed artists sale stats which showed incorrect totals
  • User artist are producing too many collaborations
  • When band doesnt accept contract user is not notified
  • Artist festival appearance stat not updating.
Artist/Band history showing incorrect data
  • Email with single/album statistic showing wrong values for quality, marketing and commercial.
  • Unable to view own studio on list under Your Studios (when clicking view your studios button)
  • Unable to change genre to Punk or Folk in editor – [b]This works fine when I tested[/b]
  • Labels made in editor unable to have ‘Any’ Genre setting
  • Fixed multiple problems with taking over an exhisting label. For instance reputation isnt carried over.
  • Fixed bug where too man collaborations were made at the start

Whats been added/Improved on

  • Have added ability to cancel a tour, with conditions, added a help section for this, click the question mark
  • Add ability to vew outstanding Single/Album Order quanties
  • Tweaked how many collaborations can be made by one artist, also limited number of remixes a DJ can make a in a year
  • Tour practice will not go down when on tour now, it can increase however
  • Added Featured on list to Your Artist screen
  • User will be notified when single/album is moved to back catalogue
Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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