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A new day a new dawn and new website!
After lot of hard work the new site is live and now the ability to link up to the Game, site and Forums all together. The potential it now has to deliver some quality features is brilliant and will help me now move on with improving the game and experience of the users.

One of the problems with the tired old wordpress site was actually its maintenance and it was not as straight forward as it should be because its too restrictive on customising it. Now this site is free from cms and I can update it easier and also publish better content.

One of the first things that has changed is when you sign up on the site you also make a forum account so you can use both with the same username and password. This account will also soon be able to be used for the leaderboard and you will be able to admin your account from here too.

Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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