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A normal complain in previous version has been how promotion was handled so I have looked at this and reworked it completely.

The old promotion is no more

Gone is just a mix of different types of promotion, how this has been split up and the old traditional way has been replaced with Radio and TV Shows. This is not the only way token_get_all promote a single, album or general promotion but the two new main types are radio and TV. With TV Shows you will pick your show and talk to the bookers of the show to see if they want you on the show and will then find an available date out of the list they give you. Other artists will be on shows and you can see if others are booked and who your artist will share the show stage with. If your artist is not high enough rep then you will be able to pay off the show to force their hand and give you a slot but there is no guarantee. Below is some screens of the TV Process.

Book your artist on a TV Show part 1

Book your artist on a TV Show part 2

Book your artist on a TV Show part 3

I have not included the screen where you was turned down and have options to try and influence to get your artist on the show.

Radio bookings

Radio shows have one slot per week for interviews and will ask artists to appear and this can help their promotion too but you will only get an option to accept or decline the offer.

Offers screen

Here you see offers being made to appear on radio shows. You wont get these weekly and the show will make sure they dont have repeat artists.

Lastly dont forget the screen below which shows you that you can automate this asking your staff to take care of promotion but accepting or declining offers.

Offers screen

There is also a screen where you can view TV Show details are their current bookings to appear.

Offers screen

Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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