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This week I have been testing the game out heavily making sure the game can progress on past the usual few weeks testing I would do to test new features. My usual routine would be to code a new feature, enable some admin features to force whatever it is to happen whenever I say so I can test it works as it should. This means that I don't often get through a couple of months before testing out another save as often with new features I have to test the new game will start and can save etc without issues.

This testing did flag up some problems I have to work on and some were pretty major issues and caused me some very late nights working on fixing them. Firstly I had a major performance issue with the game checking if a single or album would be released by an artist or band. In this version there is a lot of criteria and as an artist can go on hiatus other things need checking such as the artists schedule and this was causing huge bottlenecks, and I mean really bad ones. I was losing 25 seconds plus each week and when you add it all up it's just not good enough is it. I was able to find a fix when I micro tested each single part of the code for this and found a few bottlenecks and focussed on those and have been able to bring down the average time down to a few seconds, I have then spread it across a number of days making it less than a second a day so you would not even notice it.

I then had another new problem involving the new database and the time it takes to take data from it if the table was stacked with data, and schedules are very much stacked and thats even with housekeeping of removing +6 month old data. I had to learn some new techniques for this one so had to google like crazy and use a test build to test out various different methods but again a solution was found that was acceptable with response times down to 0.004 seconds instead of 1 second. When you're talking running that process 100's of times we're talking a lot of time in the simming game world and it had to be fixed so 0.004 was a good number to come too so this was overcome too.

I also fixed an older bug where records were not updating for chart records. It made no sense and I think I missed this one a lot because I was starring at the screen so much I was going cross eyed. The problem was fixed with a redesign of how I worked out the records in the first place and now all is well.

Starting today I will be announcing new details on the game, big and small so todays information is about setting up new games. First up a couple of the game first screens and how they have changed.


The second screen is of the main screen of the game with the game menu.


So moving onto setting up a new game. Here you have a number of new options, firstly you can setup your characters stats. You will be provided with 300 points to spread as you wish or if you're lazy you can just click randomise.


You can also now either select one real artist to begin on your label out of anyone in the database or alternatively you can create you're own artists, yourself if you wish.


Select an artist from the full database.


How about create your own artist, it can be whoever you wish.


Now im tired after a long run and wish to get some sleep but ill look to add a new post each day this week with 1.2 information.

Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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