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Today im going to get straight into the details on release types in version 1.2, what is included...

Release types


You demanded it and now you have it, EP's are now in the game. The way an EP will work is, you create an EP up to 5 tracks, the same way you do an album, the main difference will be the release will not chart, and the price point will be different as it will be cheaper, I will later on allow you to customise the release cost but not for now.

Greatest Hits albums

Also new is greatest hits albums. These can be released after an artist has released at least one album and you can also add up to 5 new tracks to the release as long as their produced. There can be a sales boost for a short period if the release is good and the artist has a strong rep.


Soundtracks are new to the game, when a movie is made a soundtrack is commissioned, its commissioned based off of a genre selected and a pool of artists that are selected to take part in the release. The type of artist and level in terms of rep is based off of how good the movie is. A label is nominated to produce the album and will profit it from it, however the costs will be taken on by the studio. Artists are paid a straight fee for their work but no other royalties, unless they wrote their song too and then they will get writers credits as well.

Other bits and bobs

Automation is provided at every level if you wish to make your staff take over parts of production or release, you will be asked at the beginning on what you want them to take care of and on each turn they will have made a decision that you can edit.

You can now also release a track in say North America and Europe only and come back later to release the album or single in other regions.

There is more but ill let you find out when you play.

Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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