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It has taken far too long to complete but version is now finally ready to be released! Head on over to the download page or you can run the updater in the game to get the latest copy of the game. The game introduces the reality show Xfactor into its stable of reality competition shows and has come about to introduce new artists into the game each year. This version will complete the 1.1.x series and the game will now move onto version 1.2 which promises to change the game forever as it will contain some huge new features and changes to the core engine of the game and will update it so much that I am sure you will all enjoy the results. Make sure you get over to the forum to suggest ideas you can think of, you have until the feature close of date of 7th November.
Mark (Admin)

Hi I'm Mark the developer of The Road 2 Success. I have always played simulation games and when Chart wars ended I thought it was about time someone else made one.

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